[size=20px]KScript Editor[/size] [p]This is a text editor that parses the KScript used on my website[/p] [url=http://kalebklein.com newtab]Visit my Website[/url] to see it in action! [p]This editor was built as a means of writing content on my site more easy and efficient. The editor is built using: [ul] [li][url=http://getbootstrap.com/ newtab]Bootstrap[/url][/li] [li][url=http://jquery.com newtab]jQuery[/url][/li] [li][url=http://ace.c9.io newtab]Cloud9 Ace Editor[/url][/li] [/ul] I also make use of [url=https://github.com/pazuzu156/kparser newtab]Pazuzu156/KParser[/url], which is the parsing tool used for my website. This editor parses it and displays the final product to the left -------> So, view the project with the link above to see what tags are supported by KParser.[/p]